Cerberus is much more than a Web-based reservation system; it is a powerful property management system designed to meet all of your front– and back–office needs.

Easy Set-up & Operation

Because Cerberus runs via the Internet, there is no software to install or upgrade. Also, the system’s easy-to-use graphical interface allows you to get setup and running within days.

Integrated Online Room Reservations

Among other useful features, Cerberus’ room reservation software allows you to advertise hot deals for last-minute sales; set-up special rates for corporate clients, travel agents and preferred guests; and package room reservations with other services such as tours and activities.

Optional GDS Interface

With Cerberus' 2-way interface to the GDS through Pegasus/Unirez, InnLink, Genares, Synxis or TravelClick, you can manage your GDS inventory directly from within Cerberus. 

Optional Investor Payout Module

With the Investor Payout Module, property management companies can quickly generate investor payout statements. Cerberus automatically calculates revenue based on reservations and applies appropriate monthly fees and taxes. The system handles single, multiple and fractional ownership scenarios.

Automatic Data Backup

Your reservation data is automatically stored in a secure computer facility with redundant Internet connections, 24-hour monitoring and diesel-powered electrical backup. 

Remote Access

Cerberus is accessible to satellite offices and remotely-located personnel. You determine who has access to the PMS and from where. You can also manage multiple properties from one computer terminal.

Packages & Discounts
Package your rooms with other products to create unique offerings. Offer discounted rates to seniors, autoclub members, etc.

Reserved Allocation
Cerberus allows you to set aside blocks of rooms at special rates for affiliated tour operators, group bookings or special events. Release dates may also be setup so that your inventory is returned automatically if the allocation is not used.

Group Bookings
Organize all your reservations for an incoming group in one spot. Apply charges to a master invoice or to individual reservations. Apply payments to the group or as separate payments to individual reservations. Assign an access code to a group, and let them book online through the Cerberus booking engine.

Flexible Pricing / Daily Override
Unlimited number of rate changes during the year with "day of week" pricing capability. For maximum flexibility, easily override pricing, minimum stay and close to arrival on a day-by-day basis.

Housekeeping Reports
Housekeeping reports ensure rooms are ready prior to guest arrival and that any special requests are fulfilled.

Back-end Accounting
Cerberus' accounting module allows you to track receivables, POS invoices, investor payouts, profit/loss, deposits, customer profiles, vendors, taxes and more.

Daily Cash Reports
View daily cash/credit card reconciliation reports.

Commission Tracking
Track commissions owing to affiliates.

Reservation Reports
Gain valuable insight into your market by analyzing detailed reports.

Hourly Booking Module
The optional hourly booking module allows you to attach multiple bookings to a particular room on a particular day. Great for tracking your conference rooms and other facilities that can be rented multiple times per day.

Email Marketing
Create an inexpensive marketing tool by saving your customers contact information and preferences to use in opt-in email marketing campaigns (additional fee applies).