It has never been easier to upgrade to a fully-featured, Web-based property management system. The following steps outline what you can expect during Cerberus' evaluation and set-up process. 

1. View Online Demonstration
To see Cerberus in action, please call us (+44 208 390 9451) or send us an email. We can usually arrange a live, online demonstration within two business days. Once we have shown you the system's features, you are free to log into Cerberus at any time to evaluate it on your own. 

2. Receive Written Proposal
Once you have evaluated Cerberus, we will send you a written proposal outlining the features you require and the total cost of the system. 

3. Set-up Room Types, Rates
If you decide to purchase Cerberus, your first online training session can be scheduled within two business days. At this time, we walk you through the process of setting up room types, rates, etc. After this training session, you will continue to enter setup information on your own but can call Cerberus technical support when you have any questions or problems. 

4. Make Reservations & Apply Payments
Once your property has been setup, you will learn how to enter, modify and cancel reservations, check-in and check-out guests, apply incidental charges, take payments, etc. 

5. Transfer Upcoming Reservations
There are two ways to transfer reservations into Cerberus; 1) export upcoming reservations and guest information from your existing system and then import this information into Cerberus, and 2) manually transfer all upcoming reservations into Cerberus. 

6. Choose a Going-Live Date & Accounting System
Once upcoming reservations have been entered into Cerberus, a "going live" date is chosen. Prior to this "going live" date, you will learn how to extract accounting information from Cerberus and how to perform your night audit procedures.