We understand that other property types, like campsites and hostels, have different needs (and a smaller budget) than larger hotels and resorts. As such, we have made Cerberus available to these unique property types as follows:


When Cerberus is setup as a hostel system, units can be setup as either private rooms or dorm beds. A dorm bed is designated as either a male dorm, female dorm or coed dorm. When booking a reservation, one or more dorm beds can be booked at once.


When Cerberus is setup as a campsite system, units can be designated to have power, water and/or sewer. When searching for a campsite, a user can limit their search to only those meeting their requirements.

Small Properties

Some smaller properties package a group of rooms together as a larger suite. Occasionally, they might even offer their entire property to large group functions. By creating virtual units and tying rooms together, Cerberus can easily handle these types of requirements.

Holiday Rental Properties

With Cerberus' investor payout module, creating statements for your unit owners is quick and easy. Cerberus handles single, multiple and fractional ownership scenarios.

Unique properties

If each unit in your property is unique and special, you can easily setup a slide show for each of your units.