What kind of technical support do you offer?
In the unlikely event that you experience technical problems, trained Cerberus staff will respond within two hours or less (7am - 10pm GMT).

What are my computer system requirements?
Unlike a traditional PMS, Cerberus runs via the Internet—not your local computer. All you need is 1) a Web browser e.g. Internet Explorer and 2) Adobe Acrobat (both are free to download).

What kind of Internet connection do I need?
While high-speed Internet access is recommended, Cerberus works well with mobile Internet, satellite and even with 56K dial-up. The reliability and quality of your connection is actually more important than the speed of your connection. 

Is my data safe?
Yes! Your reservation and accounting data is stored in a secure computer facility complete with redundant connections to the Internet, 24-hour monitoring and diesel-powered electrical backup. To prevent loss of data due to computer failure, this information is continually backed-up to secondary and tertiary systems.

What happens if I cannot access Cerberus?
Computer problems: No problem, simply move to another computer. Since Cerberus does not actually run on your computers, no information will be lost if your primary computer experiences problems. Internet problems: We recommend that you set-up an alternate method of connecting to the Internet such as another high speed connection through an alternate provider, a cellular Internet connection or even a backup 56K dial-up connection.

Note: Each night, Cerberus automatically emails you the next day’s check-in/check-out receipts and a spreadsheet of reservation information for the next two months. While these emails are usually disregarded, they can be used in the event you cannot access the Internet.